Civil Aviation Market for Connectors

For the last 10 years Airbus and Boeing have sold and built planes at a record pace. Will this continue into the next decade, or is there change in the air?

  • Are Airbus and Boeing positioned to handle an increase in commercial aircraft, which analysts say will be necessary to satisfy future demand?
  • Will Airbus and Boeing continue to reign as leaders in the air, or will increased competition from other aircraft manufacturers chip away at this empire?
  • Which regions or countries are most likely to profit from increased demand? How will this affect the connector suppliers supporting the civil aviation market?
  • What peripheral markets are driven by the civil aviation market? How will technology changes, such as increased computerization, robots, and outsourcing, affect this industry?
  • What connector types are poised to show significant growth as the industry expands? What connectors will be used in additional passenger conveniences? Or used in applications to decrease fuel consumption? And, what connections will be needed as drones and spacecraft are commercialized?
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PC, Tablet & Smartphone Market Analysis and Forecast 2015-2020

In 2015, an Estimated 30 Billion Connectors were used in the Manufacturing of PCs, Tablets and Smartphones!

  • Will PCs, tablets or smartphones show the most growth in units going forward? In connector sales dollars?
  • Will the convergence of these three alter the mindset of the consumer, the manufacturer, the designer or the connector supplier?
  • Which regions or countries are most likely to profit from this convergence? Which ones have the most to lose?
  • Who were the manufacturing leaders in PCs, tablets, and smartphones? Are there potential new players on the horizon that could alter this present lineup?
  • What type of affect will continued system integration, fewer I/O ports, and direct attach of CPU and DRAM have on the number of connectors used?
  • What role will wearables, like the smartwatch play in this market?
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Connector Industry Forecast

The Connector Industry Forecast reviews total world connector sales in 2015 and provides a comprehensive analysis and forecast by world region and market sector for 2016 through 2020. The report provides the detailed analysis and forecasting vital to manufacturers, suppliers, management, marketing managers and executives, market researchers and business analysts to identify new growth opportunities and make strategic business decisions.

  •  How has the connector industry performed in 2015?
  •  How have exchange rate fluctuations affected the connector industry in 2015?
  •  What market trends are providing growth opportunities and why?
  •  What regions of the world and markets are poised for the greatest potential growth?
  •  Over 200 tables and charts used to analyze growth opportunities by world regions and markets
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Top 100 Connector Manufacturers

Did you know that in 2014 the Top 100 Connector Manufacturers accounted for more than 90% of the total electronic connector market?

  • Who are the top 10 connector manufacturers in total sales?
  • What percentage of sales did the top 10 connector manufacturers account for, and how did the top 50 connector manufacturers fare?
  • Which connector manufacturers had the greatest sales in the automotive sector, the industrial sector, or the computer and peripherals sector?
  • Who was the leader in fiber optic connector sales? RF connector sales? Or circular connector sales?
  • By location of headquarters, in which region do the largest connector manufacturers reside?
  • Which connector manufacturers showed the greatest year-over-year growth?
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World Automotive Connector Market

What Applications Are “Driving” the Explosive Growth in the Automotive Connector Market?

  • Will these same applications continue to “fuel” this growth in the next five years?
  • Will growth of automotive connectors continue to outpace other end-use equipment sectors?
  • Which sub-sectors/applications of the automotive connector market will show the greatest growth over the next 5-years?
  • Which regions and countries are accelerating this growth?
  • By connector application and type, where will the focus be concentrated?
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Fiber Optic Connector Market 2015-2020

  • Will copper still be a viable option as data rates reach 400 Gb/s and beyond?
  • Which fiber optic connector types will exhibit strongest growth over the next 5-years?
  • What effect does attenuation have on signal strength? What other impairments potentially encourage a progression from copper to fiber?
  • Includes five-year sales forecast for FO connectors by market segment, fiber optic connector type and region of the world.
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Harsh Environment Connectors and Markets

  • This 306-page research report provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of 9 markets using connectors designed for harsh environments.
  • Provides harsh environment connector sales for 2013 through 2015F by end use equipment market segments, by product type and by region of the world.
  • Includes a five-year forecast for 2020
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World Cable Assembly Market

Where is the World Cable Assembly Market Headed over the Next Five Years?

  • Which regions of the world are projected to increase sales growth?
  • What technical and economic trends will affect the industry?
  • Which market sectors will grow at the fastest rate?
  • What cable assembly types are being used by market sector?
  • Who are the top 25 cable assembly companies worldwide?
  • In what cable assembly types or market sectors should I direct my company resources?
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Research Reports

Research on the connector and cable assembly industry is provided by market sector, product type, regions, and countries.

The Bishop Report

Performance of and forecasts for the connector industry are provided in 12 monthly issues, 50 News Briefs per year, and the Connector Industry Yearbook.

The World's Connector Companies

Profiles of hundreds of connector companies are available on a subscribers-only website that can be searched by markets, products, sales volume, regions, and countries.

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