Connector Industry Sales Forecast 2017 – 2021

2016 – A Good Year for Some, Not so Good for Others

2016 is proving to be an interesting and challenging year for the connector industry. Year-over-year, total connector sales are anticipated to grow +4.5% to $54,405 million. However, not all regions will see growth. Europe and China are both forecast to grow in the high single-digit range, Japan and Asia Pacific are both forecast to see a decline in sales, while North America and ROW are forecast to show modest growth at 2.7% and 6.5% respectively.

In US dollars, Japan’s decline of -7.2% means connector sales have declined three of the last four years, from a high of $6,400 million in 2012, to $4,420 million in 2016. This represents a loss of 30% of connector sales in only four years! Asia Pacific’s decline of -2.9% is the first decline in sales they have experienced since the 2009 financial crisis. What is even more astounding is that Asia Pacific is now almost double the size of Japan. Ten years ago, Japan was larger than Asia Pacific.

The European connector market’s gain of 9.0% was the largest gain in 2016, putting them just behind North America. Although the gain was significant, increasing connector sales over $900 million, it still leaves Europe well below their 2008 high of $12,360 million.

North America, which had a solid 6.5% growth, is now at a historical high, while the ROW market although showing positive growth in 2016 is still struggling. The ROW region has basically shown little to no growth over the last ten years, with 2006 connector sales only $31 million dollars less than 2016 connector sales.

The connector industry’s sales by region are noted in the following table.

Connector industry sales performance by region

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