Many paradigm shifts are coming as the connector industry enters its 75th year.

  • What role will silicon photonics, optical waveguides, and single-mode fiber optic interconnects play as the industry moves beyond copper?
  • What areas of the transportation sector will present the greatest challenges going forward – autonomous vehicles, EV/PHEV, advanced public transportation, driverless trucks, or ultra-high-speed rail?
  • What role will the robotics revolution play in the growth of the manufacturing industry, and how will interconnects fit into this growth?
  • What relationship exists between the growth of the semiconductor industry and the growth and expansion of the connector industry?
  • What technology trends have the potential to disrupt growth in the information technology sector?

The electronic industry, now entering its 75th year, has been driven by changes in semiconductor technology, successive generations of change in electronic equipment, and more recently, software developments. It is important for companies in the connector industry to understand these changes, because the next decade will see multiple paradigm shifts that will affect the industry, its customers, and suppliers. Order your copy of Electronic Industry and Connector Outlook 2018 and Beyond to gain an understanding of how these changes will affect the connector and electronics industry.