World Connector Market Handbook 2024

After growing 7.8% in 2022, the connector industry faced difficult times in 2023, declining -2.7%. Did all market sectors and product types decline, or were some able to weather the turbulent times of 2023 better than others? With connector sales declining in 2023, did all regions lose sales dollars or were some regions able to ……Read More »

2024 World Cable Assembly Market

World Cable Assembly Market A year marked by high inflation, worldwide geopolitical conflicts, high interest rates, housing and raw material shortages and low unemployment, 2023 was a year like no other! How did these factors affect the cable assembly industry, and will they continue to affect cable assembly performance over the next five-years? After contracting ……Read More »

World Connector Industry Forecast 2023-2028

Connector Industry Forecast 2023-2028 2023 has proven to be a year of worldwide conflict and declining connector sales. Are sales anticipated to decline in all regions and market sectors in 2023 or will some fare better? Will growth return in 2024? How is the connector industry anticipated to perform in 2023? In 2024? What factors ……Read More »

Connector Types and Technologies Poised for Growth

Bishop & Associates has just released a new market research report that identifies 13 connector types that are expected to grow at a significantly faster rate than the general market over the next three to five years. Connector Types and Technologies Poised for Growth is an 18-chapter, 308-page report that defines the key characteristics of each connector, ……Read More »

Top 100 Connector Manufacturers

This ten-chapter research report provides a comprehensive analysis of the world’s Top 100 Electronic Connector Manufacturers. The report furnishes detailed statistics that benchmark the leading connector manufacturers by 2021/2022 total sales, sales by end-use equipment market, sales by product category, and sales by region. All manufacturers are exhibited by 2022 sales and are ranked by ……Read More »