Copper and Fiber Connectivity in the Data Center

The data center has grown from its original concept as a central location for computing and storage hardware to the data center of today that is at the epicenter of connection of nearly every aspect of our digitized lives. Data centers have evolved from single client on-premises facilities that were isolated from the world to ……Read More »

World Automotive Connector Market

Which Automotive Systems are Going to Drive the Growth in the Automotive Sector? What Impact is the Shift to Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles having on the Automotive Market Today? Five-Years from Now? Will growth of automotive connectors outpace other end-use equipment sectors? Which automotive systems and sub-sectors of the automotive connector market will show ……Read More »

World Connector Market Handbook 2012-2027F

World Connector Market Handbook 2012-2027F The connector industry grew 24.3% in 2021. Did all market sectors and product types grow at the same rate or did some product types and market sectors show higher growth rates? How did 2021 compare to previous years? What regions are anticipated to go through an adjustment period after the ……Read More »

Connector Industry Forecast 2021-2026

Connector Industry Forecast 2021-2026 After what we thought would be one of the most challenging years ever, 2021 is showing to be even more surprising than 2020! How is the connector industry preforming in 2021? Is the pandemic still affecting the industry? Which regions appeared to have weathered the pandemic better than others? Which market ……Read More »