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The Bishop Report 

This monthly newsletter is the industry’s most widely respected source of information on the electronic connector market.

The annual subscription to The Bishop Report includes:

  • Monthly issues of The Bishop Report – typically 25+ pages in length
  • 40 to 50 Connector Industry News Briefs per year
  • 10+ Industry Updates covering important statistics on the industry
  • Access to the Bishop Report “subscriber only” pages on the website
  • Analysis of Country and Regional Connector Markets
  • Detailed Studies of Worldwide Electronic Equipment Markets
  • Quarterly and Annual Sales and Profit Results
  • Projections by Country, and Region of the World
  • Supplier Performance by Region, Product Category, and End-use Markets
  • Market and OEM Trends
  • Key Industry Benchmarks
  • End-use Equipment Analysis by Country and Region of the World
  • Connector Industry Forecast and Outlook
  • Product Analysis by Country and Region of the World
  • Book-to-Bill analysis measuring industry sales and orders to prior periods.
  • World Connector Confidence Index (WCCI) measuring industry personnel confidence in business conditions now and in six months.
  • Lead Time and Price Index monitors trends in connector prices and calculates the average lead time on new orders in weeks.


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The World’s Connector Companies

The World’s Connector Companies (WCC) website contains profiles of over 700 worldwide connector companies, identifying annual sales, products manufactured, markets served, headquarters location, website URL, number of employees, plant locations, company leadership, company history, and more.

The WCC website provides the ability to create selection criteria to view a subset of the companies based on annual sales, products, markets and regions. Each query results in a report of companies matching only the defined criteria. The resulting report may be printed, or saved to a file, to share with others.

The annual subscription includes a corporate license allowing an unlimited number of subscribers from the same company to access the website.


Connector+Cable Assembly Supplier

The Connector+Cable Assembly Supplier website provides professionals in the interconnect and associated technology industries a dynamic picture of the news, trends, personalities, and innovations that impact our industry.

Subscribe to receive weekly updates on the connector, cable assembly and wire harness industries including industry forecasts, technical articles, new product introductions and much more.

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