IP-based equipment and virtualization is taking over many equipment sectors of the telecom market. Should we rename it the datacom market?

  • What factors will contribute to the IP centric trend?
  • What factors are driving growth in the market?
  • How is 5G changing the equipment landscape?
  • Which region will show the greatest increase over the forecast period? Will any of the regions show a decline?
  • Within the five primary telecom equipment categories, where is the greatest potential for growth. Which primary equipment category has the greatest potential for a decline over the forecast period?
  • Which connector types will benefit most significantly from an increase in telecom equipment sales? Will any connector types see a decrease in demand?

An end-use equipment market that is highly influenced by consumer behavior, the telecom connector market is the second largest connector market. What factors and trends are driving this sector, and which telecom equipment types will benefit the most from this growth? Answering these questions and many more is Bishop & Associates newest research report, World Telecom Connector Market 2020 – 2025. A report that analyses by primary equipment group, equipment type, region, and connector type, this report provides detailed statistics of the world telecom connector market. Be prepared for the explosive growth in the telecom connector market. Order your copy of the World Telecom Connector Market 2020 – 2025.