Connector Industry Forecast 2021-2026

After what we thought would be one of the most challenging years ever, 2021 is showing to be even more surprising than 2020!

  • How is the connector industry preforming in 2021? Is the pandemic still affecting the industry? Which regions appeared to have weathered the pandemic better than others? Which market sectors?

  • Which market sectors and sub-sectors will show the greatest growth in 2021, in 2022, in 2026? Which market sectors and sub-sectors if any, are anticipated to contract?

  • In addition to the Covid, what outside factors are affecting connector growth in 2021? What factors may affect growth beyond 2021?

  • Historically, how will 2020’s and 2021’s performance impact demand? How are currency fluctuations impacting connector sales dollars?

  • What market trends have prevailed in 2021? In 2022 and beyond and why?

Bishop & Associates’ newest research report, the Connector Industry Forecast looks at past sales and reviews total world connector sales in 2020, providing a comprehensive analysis by region and market sector of projected connector sales for 2021 through 2026. With connector sales broken down by region, market sector and sub-sector, this report provides a detailed analysis in US dollars of the world connector industry.

2021 is turning out to be a year no one could have expected. Review the connector industry’s extraordinary performance in this year of firsts, order your copy of the Connector Industry Forecast.

The I/O Rectangular Connector Market 2021

Ranked the third largest connector family in 2021, the I/O rectangular market is expected to account for over 14% of the total world connector market.

  • What types of I/O rectangular connectors will make up this thriving product type?
  • What type of I/O rectangular connector represented the greatest sales dollars in 2020? What type is anticipated to represent the greatest sales dollars in 2021F? 2026F?
  • Which region is the largest consumer of I/O rectangular connectors overall? Which product type within that region? Which region is anticipated to show the largest 5-Year CAGR? Which I/O product type?
  • Who are the key manufacturers of SFP (small-form-factor pluggable) connectors? Rack and panel connectors? Personal computer and peripheral connectors?
  • What trends are affecting the growth of D-subminiatures? Of rectangular I/O power connectors? Of I/O connectors with blade or tab contacts?

This report examines by region, by general classification, and by individual I/O rectangular connector type the I/O rectangular connector market and provides detailed sales statistics for the years 2019, 2020, 2021F, and 2026F.

World Circular Connector Market 2021

In 2020, circular connectors represented $4.3 billion of the $62.7 billion connector market.  What types of circular connectors made up this $4.3 billion?  Will those same types represent the anticipated $5.9 billion in 2026?  How big is the market for cable assemblies using circular connectors?

  • What type of circular connector represents the greatest sales dollars in 2020? What type is anticipated to represent the greatest sales dollars in 2026F?

  • Which region is the largest consumer of circular connectors overall? Of mil-spec or COTS equivalent circular connectors? Of commercial or industrial circular connectors?

  • What properties classify a circular connector as commercial or industrial? What are the potentials for new connectors such as micro-38999 and M8 & M12 for SPIE?

  • What is the difference between a mil-spec connector and a COTS equivalent connector? What Mil-Specs mandate special anti-counterfeit marking?

  • Who are the top circular connector manufacturers?

Top 100 Connector Manufacturers

In 2020, the Top 100 Connector Manufacturers Accounted for over 93% of the Total Electronic Connector Market.

  • Who were the top 100 connector manufacturers in total sales?

  • Who were the top 10 connector manufacturers and what percentage of the total connector market did they account for in 2020, the top 50 connector manufacturers?

  • Which connector manufacturers had the greatest sales in the telecom/datacom sector, the industrial sector or the automotive sector?

  • Who was the leader in fiber optic connector sales, RF connector sales or circular connector sales?

  • By base of origin, in which region do the largest connector manufacturers reside?

  • Which connector manufacturers showed the greatest year-over-year growth, the greatest year-over-year decline?

Connector Industry Yearbook

Each year, Bishop & Associates prepares the Connector Industry Yearbook based on annual reports provided by publicly traded connector companies. Income statements and balance sheets are consolidated for the past 10 years, five years, and most current year, providing benchmarks on the industry and the overall performance of the public connector companies. The report also provides a high level overview of the connector industry from 2010-2020 and a 2021 and 2026 forecast for sales by region of the world and by end-use equipment sector. The world electronic connector industry was $48.0 billion in size in 2010. In the 10 years since, the industry has achieved a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of +2.7% with worldwide sales of $62.8 billion in 2020.

Instrumentation Market for Connectors

Instrumentation equipment companies are expanding their technical capabilities, products, and software platforms to meet the need for higher speeds and extremely higher frequencies (EHF) to participate in the next decade of significant growth. This creates opportunity for connector suppliers.

Today, connector companies that are either already in, or are aspiring to enter the instrumentation market, may be contemplating their business strategies, and asking themselves:

  • What is the size and expected growth of the instrumentation equipment market, and its most relevant sub-sectors?
  • What is the size and expected growth of the instrumentation connector market?
  • What are the market and technology factors enabling this growth?
  • Who are the top 15 instrumentation equipment manufacturers and what do they offer?
  • Who are the top 30 instrumentation connector suppliers and what connectors do they offer?

Bishop & Associates, latest research report, provides in-depth analysis of the markets, products, and technologies of instrumentation equipment makers and provides examples of connectors used in instrumentation applications by sub-sector. Tables are included detailing total connector sales, instrumentation connector sales by sub-sector, region, and product type, as well as a five-year forecast.

2021 World Cable Assembly Market

2021 World Cable Assembly Market, a new research report from industry leader Bishop & Associates, addresses the questions below, and many more. This 17-chapter, 200-page report provides a detailed analysis in US dollars for the years 2020 through 2026, by region, end-use equipment sector, and cable assembly type. Our analysis is provided numerically and graphically, allowing the reader to easily view and understand upcoming trends.

  • With COVID-19 subsiding, what will be the growth markets and regions for cable assemblies in the next five years?
    Which regions, markets, and cable assembly types have the highest growth prospects?

  • What technical and economic trends are affecting the cable assembly industry?

  • What cable assembly types are being used by market sector and region?

  • Where should business investments be focused?

Computer Server Market Trends and Connector Use 2020-2030

This new report from Bishop & Associates explores the server market. The report discusses the current trends driving server growth and the manufacturers participating in this growth. Also examined are the connectors used in servers and which connector types will experience the most growth, and which will slowly be phased out.

  • How has the server market changed over the last decade? How is it anticipated to change in the next decade? Which regions have prospered from this growth and which regions have seen business decline?
  • What connector dynamics influence the server market? What role will photonics take in the server market of the future?
  • Which server manufacturers are anticipated to show the greatest growth from 2020 to 2030? Which server manufacturers are anticipated to lose market share?
  • Which connector types are most predominate in servers? Is this anticipated to change as server architecture changes?

World Industrial Market for Connectors 2021

  • How did the pandemic affect the industrial connector market?  What are anticipated to be the biggest drivers of productivity and growth in the industrial market over the next five-years? What growth rates can we expect from the industrial market from 2021 through 2026?
  • Which segments of the industrial connector market will show the greatest growth and why?
  • What are the important megatrends that affected the industrial market even before the pandemic?  Will these trends continue to affect the industrial market and in what ways?
  • What communication protocols are most prominent in the industrial market sector? By application, which protocols are anticipated to show the greatest growth and why?
  • Which connector type is anticipated to show the most growth during the five-year period 2021 through 2026?  Which regions will show highest growth rates?

Bishop & Associates latest research report explores the technology and products that are driving the growth of the industrial connector market. The report examines the trends affecting the industrial market and how these will change the industrial market and connectors used in this market and its segments. Forecasts by industrial segment, product type and region are provided, along with five-year compound average growth rate projections.

World Connector Market Handbook

Connectors used in the automotive sector in 2019, accounted for the largest consumption of electronic connectors.  Did this trend remain true in 2020 or did Covid-19 give us a new leader?

  • How does this compare to five years ago? Ten years ago? What percentage will the automotive market account for in 2021?  In 2026?
  • How did other end-use equipment sectors perform in 2020? How are they predicted to perform in 2021?  How are they anticipated to perform five-years from now?  What effect did Covid-19 have on the connector industry in 2020? Going forward, will Covid-19 continue to affect how equipment sectors perform?
  • Which product types gained the greatest market share and which product types lost market share? Which if any markets are anticipated to grow in 2021? How will this growth affect the five-year CAGR?
  • Which regions and product types are aligned to show the most growth in 2021? Which are aligned to show the least growth?

The Connector Market Handbook analyzes the connector industry from 2011 through 2020, with a preliminary 2021 and 2026 forecast. The report details the connector industry by region, end-use equipment sector, and product type.  Utilizing tables and graphs, key statistics are provided for total world, as well as by individual region.

Declining 2.2% in 2020, the connector industry saw total sales drop to approximately $62.7 billion. Will the pandemic continue to affect connector performance in 2021, in 2026? Track and monitor the ways in which the connector industry has changed over the last decade and how it will change in the next five years – order your copy of The Connector Market Handbook.

World Telecom Connector Market 2020 - 2025

IP-based equipment and virtualization is taking over many equipment sectors of the telecom market. Should we rename it the datacom market?

  • What factors will contribute to the IP centric trend?
  • What factors are driving growth in the market?
  • How is 5G changing the equipment landscape?
  • Which region will show the greatest increase over the forecast period? Will any of the regions show a decline?
  • Within the five primary telecom equipment categories, where is the greatest potential for growth. Which primary equipment category has the greatest potential for a decline over the forecast period? 
  • Which connector types will benefit most significantly from an increase in telecom equipment sales? Will any connector types see a decrease in demand?

An end-use equipment market highly influenced by consumer behavior, telecom connector market is the second largest market for connector sales. What factors and trends are driving this sector, and which telecom equipment types will benefit the most from this growth?  Answering these questions and many more is Bishop & Associates newest research report, World Telecom Connector Market 2020 – 2025. This report analyses connector sales by primary equipment group, equipment type, region, and connector type and provides detailed statistics of the world telecom connector market.  Be prepared for the explosive growth in the telecom connector market. Order your copy of the World Telecom Connector Market 2020 – 2025.

Top 50 Medical Interconnect Solutions Companies

The COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated the need for safe and efficient healthcare across the globe. Medical interconnect solution providers adapt their strategies, capabilities, and products during these unprecedented times to participate in the next decade of expected growth in the medical device sector.

The medical interconnect solutions market can be described as a high-mix, low-volume market with a high degree of customized, application-specific connectors designed to meet stringent quality requirements, challenging environments, and strict healthcare regulations.

Today, those that participate or strive to participate in the medical sector often question the best ways to enrich their business strategies. This report is designed to provide answers to many of those questions, including:

  • Who are the top 50 medical connector companies and what makes these companies special?
  • What technologies, products and services do the top 50 offer the medical market?
  • What is the historical background, size, and focus of the top 50 medical connector companies?
  • Do suppliers of medical connectors offer standard or custom products, cable assemblies, sensors, finished devices, or complimentary products?
  • In addition to the medical sector, what other industries do these companies serve?

High-Speed Copper & Fiber Optic Connectors

  • In what applications do mid-board optical transceivers make sense?
  • Are there any new technologies that will significantly improve the performance of copper cable assemblies?
  • What applications will continue to drive exponential demand for data center capacity and speed?
  • What is the current market for medium to short-length high-speed copper cable assemblies?

Bishop & Associates research report, High-Speed Copper & Fiber Optic Connectors explores these issues and others. This report offers a snapshot of fiber optic and high-speed copper connector technology and markets as it exists in the fall of 2020, and defines what may be the first steps of a major evolutionary change in the market for this class of interfaces. Be prepared for this change.

5G Infrastructure - How 5G is Impacting Infrastructure Hardware and Connector Buying Trends

The first wave of broadband changes is in-process and will impact the types of connectors used, who buys them, and how often. The impact will be felt in the mobile infrastructure and through the wireline carrier central office and traditional cable television equipment markets.

  • How is the telecom industry breaking from the past to prepare for tomorrow? What role are industry groups playing in the implementation of 5G?
  • How will the growing sophistication of radio area networks support connector industry growth?
  • What fundamental changes are needed for service providers to profitably provide ongoing service improvements at a reasonable price?
  • How will the accelerating adoption of software-defined open-source hardware platforms impact connector sales forecasts for proprietary equipment sets.
  • How are mobile and fixed broadband networks being integrated onto shared hardware platforms?

Bishop & Associates newest research report, 5G Infrastructure – How 5G is Impacting Infrastructure Hardware and Connector Buying Trends, provides insight as to how 5G and the hardware changes in-process will impact connector buying trends and a reference timetable for when they will be deployed. Timelines may move in or move out, but the significant changes outlined in this report will largely play out over the next five years.

Medical Electronics Market for Interconnect Solutions

This is an equipment sector that places high value on technology, quality, innovation, and material expertise. The medical market for connectors offers major opportunities for both connector industry leaders and the niche manufacturer.

  • What trends are driving growth in the medical equipment sector? What role will demographics play in this growth and how will it affect product design and marketing? How has Covid-19 affected the types of equipment being manufactured today? What role will technologies like robotics, 5G Ethernet, mobile health (mHealth), or artificial intelligence play in the growth of the medical equipment sector?
  • Who are the major connector suppliers to the medical equipment sector and what types of connector products are they supplying? Who are the major medical equipment manufacturers? What role do government regulations play in the design, marketing, and sale of medical equipment? How do regulations affect export and import demands?
  • How important are design features such as low insertion force, non-magnetic materials, polarization and sterilization capabilities, and the ability to handle a variety of contact types, including power, coax, signal, fiber, air, and fluid?

Bishop & Associates newest research report, Medical Electronics Market for Interconnect Solutions analyzes the many aspects involved in the design, development, approval, and marketing of connectors used in the medical market. Tables are included detailing medical connector market sales by region, by medical equipment sub-sector, and by connector product type for the years 2017 through 2025, including a five-year CAGR. A market sector where failure can literally be the difference between life and death, the medical market for connectors may offer designers and manufactures numerous challenges, but the rewards will generally outweigh the challenges.

World RF Coax Cable Market 2020

  • How did the RF coax connector market perform in 2019? How will it perform in 2020 and beyond? What markets and geographical regions present the greatest potential for growth in RF (coaxial) connectors and why?

  • How do new and higher frequency allocations, especially for 5G and IoT, influence design, production tolerances, test equipment, and cost and supply chain sourcing?

  • Which specific RF coax connectors (families and product types) are projected to show the highest growth and how are connector manufacturers addressing these potential increases or decreases in demand?

This report provides the latest and most up-to-date market information, trends, RF connector technology, product, and application information. RF coax connector sales for the years 2018, 2019, 2020F, and 2025F are provided by RF connector family and type, worldwide and by region of the world. Predictions include effects of trends for higher frequencies, broader application bandwidths, and international shifts. With a forecasted CAGR of XX.X% from 2020 to 2025, growth of the world RF coax connector market exceeds many other connector types. Major changes are currently underway for coaxial connectors and applications. Understand and prepare your company and customers for these changes by ordering your copy of World RF Coax Connector Market 2020.

Non-Automotive Transportation Market for Connectors - 2019-2025F

Non-Automotive Transportation Market for Connectors examines the technology, trends, and products that are driving the growth of the various sub-sectors within the transportation market. Forecasts by transportation sector, product type and region are provided, along with five-year compound average growth rate projections. This report examines the following questions, and more.

  • Which mode of transportation, rail & rolling stock, commercial air, commercial vehicle, commercial marine, or other accounted for the highest connector sales in 2019? Which mode is anticipated to account for the greatest growth in 2025?
  • What trends are driving the growth, or decline, of the commercial air, rail & rolling stock, commercial vehicles or any of the other sub-sectors in the transportation sector? What role are environmental regulations playing in the various sub-sectors? Are these regulations driving the growth of alternative power sources and what are these alternatives?
  • Which connector type is anticipated to show the most growth during the five-year period 2020F through 2025F? Which regions will outgrow other regions and what is the background of this growth?

Connector Types and Technologies Poised for Growth

What Connector and Sensor Types Are Poised to Grow the Most over the Next Five Years?

  • Which existing connector types are poised for exceptional sales growth?
  • What new electronic products and technologies are driving the growth in sensor and connectors?
  • What potentially disruptive technologies may impact connector and sensor design and utilization over the next five years?
  • As electronic system designers begin to bump up against the limitations of traditional PCB circuit design and are considering the transmission of 25+ Gb/s signals over twin-axial or co-axial copper cables, what role will microminiature coax connectors play?
  • How will open standards provide a cost-effective solution to new product development for both large and small manufacturers?

Constantly evolving technology is having a profound effect on the design and implementation of connectors. Know which connectors will benefit most from this evolution, order your copy of Connector Types and Technologies Poised for Growth today.

World Automotive Connector Market

Bishop and Associates, Inc. has released a new 15-chapter, 203-page research report providing an in-depth analysis of the worldwide automotive connector market. Covering the periods 2014, 2019, and 2024, this report focuses on interconnects used in light vehicle production. Connector usage is broken down by vehicle type; low-cost/economy, mid-range and premium, as well as by key electronic system, connector type, and region.

Top 100 Cable Assembly Companies

In 2017, Industry Sales of Cable Assemblies Totaled Nearly $155 Billion!

  • Who came out on top?
  • What countries were home to these companies?
  • What were their total sales by region?
  • How much of the industry do the Top 100 represent?

Know your competitors and know your acquisition targets. Who are the biggest companies out there in the worldwide cable assembly industry? How might they impact you or help you?

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