Connector Industry Forecast - 2020-2025

  • How did the connector industry perform in 2019? How does this compare to performance in 2018?
  • How is the connector industry anticiated to perform in 2020? How does this compare to performance in 2019? How is the connector industry anticipated to perform in 2025?
  • Which market sectors and sub-sectors showed the greatest growth in 2019? Which market sectors and sub-sectors are anticipated to see the greatest growth in 2020? In 2025? Which market sectors and sub-sectors if any, are anticipated to contract?
  • Historically, how did 2019’s performance impact demand? How did currency fluctuations impact 2019 in sales dollars? How are they anticipated to impact 2020 in sales dollars? Has connector confidence waned in the last six or 12 months?
  • What market and sales trends will prevail in 2019 and beyond and why?

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Connector Types and Technologies Poised for Growth

What Connector and Sensor Types Are Poised to Grow the Most over the Next Five Years?

  • Which existing connector types are poised for exceptional sales growth?
  • What new electronic products and technologies are driving the growth in sensor and connectors?
  • What potentially disruptive technologies may impact connector and sensor design and utilization over the next five years?
  • As electronic system designers begin to bump up against the limitations of traditional PCB circuit design and are considering the transmission of 25+ Gb/s signals over twin-axial or co-axial copper cables, what role will microminiature coax connectors play?
  • How will open standards provide a cost-effective solution to new product development for both large and small manufacturers?

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Connector Industry Forecast

  • How is the connector industry anticipated to perform in 2019? How does this compare to performance in 2018? How will this compare to performance in 2024?

  • Which market sectors and sub-sectors will show the greatest growth in 2019, in 2024? Which market sectors and sub-sectors if any, are anticipated to contract?

  • What outside factors are affecting connector growth in 2019? What factors may affect growth in 2019 and beyond?

  • Historically, how did 2018’s performance impact demand? How did currency fluctuations impact 2018 in sales dollars? How are they impacting 2019 in sales dollars? Has connector confidence waned in the last six or 12 months?

  • What market and sales trends will prevail in 2019 and beyond and why?

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World Automotive Connector Market

Bishop and Associates, Inc. has released a new 15-chapter, 203-page research report providing an in-depth analysis of the worldwide automotive connector market. Covering the periods 2014, 2019, and 2024, this report focuses on interconnects used in light vehicle production. Connector usage is broken down by vehicle type; low-cost/economy, mid-range and premium, as well as by key electronic system, connector type, and region.

Connector Industry Yearbook

Each year, Bishop & Associates prepares the Connector Industry Yearbook based on annual reports provided by publicly traded connector companies. Income statements and balance sheets are consolidated for the past 10 years, 5 years, and most current year, providing benchmarks on the industry and the overall performance of the public connector companies. The world electronic connector industry was $47.8 billion in size in 2008. In the 10 years since, the industry has achieved a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of +3.4% with worldwide sales of $66.7 billion in 2018. This report includes a high-level review of sales by region and equipment sector for 2008, 2013 and 2018 with a forecast for 2019 and 2024.

Top 100 Connector Manufacturers

In 2018, the Top 100 Connector Manufacturers Accounted for over 92% of the Total Electronic Connector Market.

  • Who were the top 100 connector manufacturers in total sales?

  • Who were the top 10 connector manufacturers and what percentage of the total connector market did they account for in 2018, the top 50 connector manufacturers?

  • Which connector manufacturers had the greatest sales in the telecom/datacom sector, the industrial sector or the automotive sector?

  • Who was the leader in fiber optic connector sales, RF connector sales or circular connector sales?

  • By location of headquarters or base of origin, in which region do the largest connector manufacturers reside?

  • Which connector manufacturers showed the greatest year-over-year growth, the greatest year-over-year decline?

World Consumer Market for Connectors 2019

Bishop & Associates latest research report, World Consumer Market for Connectors – 2019 examines the technology, products, and outside influences that are shaping the consumer market. Individual chapters are devoted to the connected home appliance market, consumer mobile phone and watch markets, as well as the HD/UHDTV from 1080P to 8K, and the personal computer and tablet markets.

  • How has the consumer appliance market changed over the last five years? How is this market anticipated to change in the next five years, the next 10-years? What factors are driving these changes? What role do interconnect products play in the future of the consumer appliance market?
  • What is driving the rise and fall of the personal computer and tablets market, the consumer mobile phone and watch markets? Over the next ten years, which of these markets have the potential for the greatest growth in units? How will this growth affect the number of connectors currently being consumed in the manufacturing of these products?
  • What unique product enhancements will drive the growth of the television market? Which I/O’s will prevail, and which ones will be replaced or incorporated into other connector products? How will these changes affect the number of connectors used in this market?

2019 World Cable Assembly Market

What are the growth markets and regions for cable assemblies in the next five years?

  • Which regions, markets, and cable assembly types have the highest growth prospects?
  • What technical and economic trends are affecting the cable assembly industry?
  • What cable assembly types are being used by market sector and region?
  • Where should business investments be focused?

World Connector Market Handbook

In 2018, connectors used in the automotive end-use equipment sector accounted for 23.6% of all electronic connectors, down from 23.8% in 2017.

  • How does this compare to five years ago? Ten years ago?

  • How did other end-use equipment sectors perform in 2018? How are they predicted to perform in 2019? How are they anticipated to perform five-years from now?

  • Which product types gained the greatest market share and which product types lost market share?

  • Which regions and product types are aligned to show the most growth in 2019? Which are aligned to show the least growth?

Top 100 Cable Assembly Companies

In 2017, Industry Sales of Cable Assemblies Totaled Nearly $155 Billion!

  • Who came out on top?
  • What countries were home to these companies?
  • What were their total sales by region?
  • How much of the industry do the Top 100 represent?

Know your competitors and know your acquisition targets. Who are the biggest companies out there in the worldwide cable assembly industry? How might they impact you or help you?

World Industrial Market for Connectors

  • What is the biggest driver of productivity and growth in industrial markets over the next decade? What growth rates can we expect from the industrial market from 2018 through 2023?
  • How do the traditional industrial markets such “Industrial Automation & Process Control”, “Machine Tools, Machinery and Robotics”, “Building & Civil Engineering”, “Energy Markets” and “Heavy Equipment” relate to smart factories, smart grid, and smart cities?
  • What factors are driving the growth of smart factories, smart cities, and the smart grid? How are these intertwined and what role will communication protocols play?
  • What communication protocols are most prominent in the industrial market sector? By application, which protocols are anticipated to show the greatest growth and why?
  • Which connector type is anticipated to show the most growth during the five-year period 2018 through 2023? Which industrial segments and which regions will show highest growth rates?

Electronic Industry and Connector Outlook 2018 and Beyond

Many paradigm shifts are coming as the connector industry enters its 75th year.

  • What role will silicon photonics, optical waveguides, and single-mode fiber optic interconnects play as the industry moves beyond copper?
  • What areas of the transportation sector will present the greatest challenges going forward – autonomous vehicles, EV/PHEV, advanced public transportation, driverless trucks, or ultra-high-speed rail?
  • What role will the robotics revolution play in the growth of the manufacturing industry, and how will interconnects fit into this growth?
  • What relationship exists between the growth of the semiconductor industry and the growth and expansion of the connector industry?
  • What technology trends have the potential to disrupt growth in the information technology sector?

History of M & A in the Connector Industry

Acquisitions and mergers over the last several decades have dramatically changed the landscape of the connector, cable, and cable assembly market.

  • How have acquisitions changed the standing of the top 10 connector manufacturers? The top 50 or the top 100 connector manufacturers?
  • How have acquisitions affected the technology, market, and product focus of connector manufacturers? Cable manufacturers and cable assembly manufacturers?
  • Which manufacturers have made the greatest number of acquisitions?
  • Which year accounted for the greatest number of acquisitions? Which year had the fewest acquisitions?
  • What type of acquisitions; manufacturer, distributor, or private equity produced the greatest change in the market?

Connector Manufacturers Connect to Sensors

  • What functions do sensors perform? What applications utilize sensors? What are the fastest growing applications for electronic sensors?
  • What is driving the interest in sensors by connector manufacturers? What advantages can connector manufacturers bring to the sensor market? What is the synergy between connectors and sensors?
  • Who are the current leaders in the electronic sensor industry? What is the global market value of electronic sensors? What is the global market forecast for electronic sensors over the next five-years?

World RF Coax Cable Market 2018

  • How did the RF coax connector market perform in 2017? How is it anticipated to perform in 2018 and beyond? What markets and geographical regions present the greatest potential for growth in RF (coaxial) connectors and why?
  • How does the increase in frequency influence design, production tolerances, test equipment and cost?
  • Which specific RF coax connector families and product types are projected to show the highest growth and how are connector manufacturers addressing this potential increase or decrease in demand?

Fiber Optic Connector and Cable Assembly Market 2017-2022

Important in nearly every aspect of the connector industry, fiber optic technologies are playing an increasingly key role in the future growth of the connector industry.

  • Which fiber optic connector and assembly types currently dominate the market?  Will this change in the next five years?
  • Which fiber optic connector types will exhibit strongest growth over the next five-years? What fiber optic connector types will show the least growth?
  • What applications are driving the growth of fiber optic connectors and assemblies?
  • In which market sector are fiber optic connectors and assemblies most prevalent?  Will this change over the next five-years?  What types of applications within this sector are driving this growth?
  • Which suppliers are best aligned to address this growing market?

Research Reports

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