Server Systems and Connector Forecast 2020-2030

Bishop & Associates research report, Computer Server Market Trends and Connector Use 2020-2030, explores the server market. The report discusses the current trends driving server growth and the manufacturers participating in this growth. Also examined are the connectors used in servers and which connector types will experience the most growth, and which will slowly be ……Read More »

World Connector Market Handbook 2011-2026

Bishop and Associates  released the 2021 edition of the World Connector Market Handbook. This comprehensive seven-chapter, 229-page report analyzes all aspects of the world electronic connector market. The report provides detailed connector statistics by equipment sector and product category for North America, Europe, Japan, China, Asia Pacific, and the ROW region. Included is a complete ……Read More »

World Connector Market Forecast

2020 was a year full of surprises! Not only did the connector industry end up being more resilient than anyone initially thought was possible, but connector manufacturers also showed how equipment and resources could be redirected for the betterment of all! How is the connector industry anticipated to perform in 2021? What effect has the ……Read More »

Positronic Becomes Part of Amphenol Corporation

Amphenol Corporation, during their fourth quarter earnings conference call, announced the acquisition of Positronic, a global manufacturer of high reliability/harsh environment electronic connector products based in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Positronic was said to have annual sales of approximately $80 million into the military aerospace, IT datacom, and industrial markets. This acquisition brings together industry-leading knowledge ……Read More »

World Telecom Connector Market 2020-2025

IP-based equipment and virtualization is taking over many equipment sectors of the telecom market. Should we rename it the datacom market? What factors will contribute to the IP centric trend? What factors are driving growth in the market? How is 5G changing the equipment landscape? Which region will show the greatest increase over the forecast ……Read More »

New Report: Top 50 Medical Interconnect Solutions Companies

The COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated the need for safe and efficient healthcare across the globe. Medical interconnect solution providers adapt their strategies, capabilities, and products during these unprecedented times to participate in the next decade of expected growth in the medical device sector. The medical interconnect solutions market can be described as a high-mix, low-volume ……Read More »

Avnet Names Phil Gallagher CEO

Distributor Avnet has named 37-year Avnet veteran Phil Gallagher as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Mr. Gallagher, who has been in the role of interim CEO of Avnet since August 2020, is also joining the company’s board of directors. “The Board of Directors is pleased with the appointment of Phil as Avnet’s CEO. ……Read More »

New Report: High-Speed Copper & Fiber Optic Connectors

High-Speed Copper & Fiber Optic Connectors What technical and economic factors may be changing the copper vs. fiber selection process? What may be the practical bandwidth limit of a copper interface? What are the primary advantages of fiber optic communication links? In what applications do mid-board optical transceivers make sense? What is driving interest in ……Read More »

New Report: Connector Industry Forecast 2020-2025

Connector Industry Forecast – 2020-2025 How is the connector industry anticipated to perform in 2020? What effect has the pandemic had on the industry? Which regions appear to be weathering the pandemic better than others? Which market sectors? Which product types? Which market sectors and sub-sectors will show the greatest growth in 2020, in 2025? ……Read More »

Mouser Opens New Customer Service Center in Texas

Mouser Electronics, Inc., announced the opening of the new Customer Service Center building at its corporate headquarters, devoted entirely to customer service and support. “Mouser has been fortunate to see strong growth over the last several years, and we need more space for more people to provide our signature customer service,” said Coby Kleinjan, Vice ……Read More »