TE Connectivity Quarterly Sales Down -5.4% YOY

TE Connectivity reported sales of $3,168 million for the quarter ending December 27, 2019, down -5.4% year-over-year, down -5% organically, and down -4.0% sequentially. FX impact decreased sales by $43 million in the quarter. Orders in the quarter were $3,241 million, down -2% YOY as reported and -2% organically, and up +1.1% sequentially, resulting in ……Read More »

Connector Types and Technologies Poised for Growth

What Connector and Sensor Types Are Poised to Grow the Most over the Next Five Years? Which existing connector types are poised for exceptional sales growth? What new electronic products and technologies are driving sensor and connector growth? Which industry segments will utilize these connectors and sensors? Will certain segments require the development of entirely ……Read More »

Connector Industry Forecast 2019-2024

Bishop & Associates newest research report, Connector Industry Forecast reviews total world connector sales in 2018 and provides a comprehensive analysis by region and market sector of projected connector sales for 2019 through 2024. With connector sales broken down by region, market sector and sub-sector, this report provides a detailed analysis in US dollars of ……Read More »

2019 Connector Industry Yearbook

Each year, Bishop & Associates prepares the Connector Industry Yearbook based on annual reports provided by publicly traded connector companies. Income statements and balance sheets are consolidated for the past 10 years, 5 years, and most current year, providing benchmarks on the industry and the overall performance of the public connector companies. Featured in each issue ……Read More »

World Automotive Connector Market to 2024

This 15-chapter, 203-page research report provides an in-depth analysis of the worldwide automotive connector market. Covering the periods 2014, 2019, and 2024, this report focuses on interconnects used in light vehicle production. Connector usage is broken down by vehicle type; low-cost/economy, mid-range and premium, as well as by key electronic system, connector type, and region.

Top 100 Connector Manufactures Report

This ten-chapter research report provides a comprehensive analysis of the world’s Top 100 Electronic Connector Manufacturers. The world’s top 100 connector manufacturers recorded 2018 shipments of $61.545 billion. This represented 92.3% of the worldwide connector market, down from 94.2% in 2017. The balance of the connector industry had 2018 shipments of $5.165 billion and represented ……Read More »

World Cable Assembly Market

What are the growth markets and regions for cable assemblies in the next five years? This 17-chapter, 219-page report provides a detailed analysis in US dollars for the years 2018 through 2024, by region, end-use equipment sector and cable assembly type. Our analysis is provided numerically and graphically, allowing the reader to easily view and understand ……Read More »

World Connector Market Handbook

This comprehensive seven-chapter, 229-page report analyzes all aspects of the world electronic connector market. The report provides detailed connector statistics by equipment sector and product category for North America, Europe, Japan, China, Asia Pacific, and the ROW region. Included is a complete chapter on worldwide connector industry results by region, equipment sector, and product category. ……Read More »

2019 Top 100 Cable Assembly Companies

Top 100 Cable Assembly Companies In 2017, Industry Sales of Cable Assemblies Totaled Nearly $155 Billion! Who came out on top? What countries were home to these companies? What were their total sales by region? How much of the industry do the Top 100 represent? Know your competitors and know your acquisition targets. Who are ……Read More »