New Research Report: European Connector Market 2022-2028F

In 2022, Europe accounted for over 20% of worldwide connector demand. Which European countries/regions drove this demand? Which countries/regions are anticipated to drive this demand in 2023? What market sectors outperformed the average (European) market and which sectors underperformed? Which European countries/regions and market sectors will offer the best growth prospects over the next five ……Read More »

New Research Report: World Circular Connector Market 2023

Bishop & Associates has just released a new, extensive 229-page, seven-chapter research report providing an in-depth analysis of the MIL-spec/COTS equivalent and commercial/industrial circular connector markets. This new report furnishes detailed statistics worldwide and by region, broken down by circular connector types for the years 2021, 2022, 2023F and 2028F. In addition, to specific circular ……Read More »

World Connector Market Handbook 2023

The connector industry grew 7.8% in 2022. Did all market sectors and product types grow at the same rate or did some product types and market sectors show higher growth rates? Which was the best preforming region in 2022? Which regions are anticipated to show strong growth in 2023, in 2028? Which market sector showed ……Read More »

World RF Connector Market 2023

World RF Connector Market 2023 How did the RF coax connector market perform in 2021? How will it perform in 2022, in 2027? What markets and geographical regions present the greatest potential for growth in RF (coaxial) connectors and why? How do new and higher frequency allocations, especially for 5G/6G and IoT, influence design, production ……Read More »

Connector Industry Forecast 2022-2027

Connector Industry Forecast 2022-2027 After what we thought would be one of the most interesting years ever, 2022 has shaped up to be full of even more challenges and rewards than 2021! How is the connector industry preforming in 2022? Are the lingering effects of the pandemic still affecting the industry? Which regions appeared to ……Read More »

Military Ground Vehicle Market for Connectors

Military Ground Vehicle Market for Connectors Military ground vehicles play an important role in today’s military operations. They transport troops, fuel, and military supplies to a battlefield that is becoming more and more connected. How are military ground vehicles adapting to handle this connected space? The military ground vehicle market for connectors is anticipated to ……Read More »

Raw Material Costs Increased 6% In 2Q22 – Up 4.6% YTD

Inflation has increased the cost of just about all products including energy, food, housing, clothing, vehicles, electronics, etc. Prices on the main materials used in connectors increased 6.0% Year-Over-Year (YOY) in 2Q22 and increased 30.1% sequentially. Four items make up 75% of the raw material cost to produce a connector: gold, copper, steel, and plastics. ……Read More »

World Cable Assembly Market

World Cable Assembly Market 2022 is proving to be a year full of headwinds. Raw material shortages, labor shortages, and rising interest rates are shaping the market today and in the next five years. How will these headwinds affect cable assembly growth? Which regions, markets, and cable assembly types have the highest growth prospects? What ……Read More »

New Report : Top 100 Connector Manufacturers

Bishop & Associates has just released a new ten-chapter research report providing a comprehensive analysis of the world’s Top 100 Electronic Connector Manufacturers. This new report furnishes detailed statistics that benchmark the leading connector manufacturers by 2020/2021 total sales, sales by end-use equipment market, sales by product category, and sales by region. All manufacturers are ……Read More »