Will Copper Still be a Viable Option as Data Rates reach 400 Gb/S and Beyond?

  • As data rates increase is copper actually reaching the end of its usefulness?
  • Which fiber optic connector types will exhibit strongest growth over the next five years?
  • What effect does attenuation have on signal strength? What other impairments potentially encourage a progression from copper to fiber?
  • Although already prevalent in many telecommunications applications, what other market sectors will see strong growth in the use of fiber optic connectors?
  • Which suppliers are best aligned to address this growing market?

Fiber Optic Connector Market 2015-2020 answers these questions, and many more.  Fiber optic connectors are forecast to be one of the strongest growing connector types over the next five years and are finding applications in every market sector.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of fiber-optic connectors and technologies and highlights new fiber optic connector business opportunities for connector companies. The report also discusses the impact networking technologies will have on equipment suppliers.

Fiber optic communications have been around for a long time, and have promised to take over all aspects of connectivity. However, high-speed copper connectors and cables have re-invented themselves time and again to slowing the change to FO. Today, as data rates of 400 Gb/s and beyond are needed, copper is actually reaching the end of its usefulness and ability to adapt.

The report investigates the effects of attenuation on signal strength, as well as other impairments such as skin effect, impedance control, skew, and crosstalk. Chapter 2 details fiber-optic connector market trends and discusses in detail the different technology developments that lead into new FO connector designs. A number of specific connectors are also discussed in this chapter. Top component manufacturers delivering connectors to this industry are reviewed in Chapter 3. Chapter 4 provides five year forecasts for fiber optic connector sales.

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