Bishop and Associates has released the 2018 edition of the World Connector Market Handbook.

  • How does this compare to five years ago? Ten years ago?
  • How have other end-use equipment sectors performed over the last decade? How are they anticipated to perform five-years from now?
  • Which product types gained the greatest market share and which product types lost market share?
  • Which regions, product types, and end-use equipment sectors are aligned to show the most growth in 2018? Which are aligned to show the least growth?

Analyzing the connector industry from 2008 through 2017, with a preliminary 2018 and 2023 forecast, Bishop & Associates latest research report, The Connector Market Handbook, details the connector industry by region, end-use equipment sector, and product type.  Utilizing tables and graphs, key statistics are provided for total world, as well as by individual region. Growing 11.0% in 2017, the connector industry for the first time ever has surpassed $60 billion. Some regions have performed better than others, while some market sectors and product types have also undergone significant changes.  What are these changes and will they continue, potentially changing the overall performance of individual market sectors, regions and the connector industry as a whole?

Track and monitor the ways in which the connector industry has changed and grown over the last decade – order your copy of The Connector Market Handbook.