Bishop and Associates Inc. announces the release of a new eleven-chapter, 176‐page research report that explores the critical issues associated with the technology of the expanding array of electronic sensors, as well as the synergy between the manufacturing of sensors and electronic connectors.

The scope of this report is the analysis of the rapidly growing market for electronic sensors and the continuing addition of sensors offered by several traditional connector manufacturers. Sensors of all types have played critical roles in medical, industrial, and avionic applications for many years, but the arrival of the Internet of Things, the evolution of factory automation, autonomous transportation along with an ongoing explosion of advanced consumer products have created unprecedented growth opportunities for sensing devices of all types.

This market research report explores the technology, products, and range of emerging applications for electronic sensors, as well as the synergy between the sensor and connector industries. Chapters are devoted to reviewing the many types of sensors and the technologies they utilize as well as the many applications that utilize sensors. The emerging role that sensors play in four specific large market applications including automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), medical, and industrial control are discussed in depth. Additional chapters are devoted to exploring emerging trends and applications that will be impacting the market for electronic sensors as well as a chapter that defines market values of electronic sensors by market sector and region of the world along with five-year compound average growth rate projections.

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