AirBorn Flexible Circuits implemented additional state-of-the-art equipment into its production facility in Toronto, Canada: The Orbotech Laser Direct Imager (LDI) greatly enhances AirBorn’s ability to produce higher layer count, rigid-flex products with even greater repeatability and precision; the Post-Etch Punch from Multiline Inc., when coupled with the LDI, enhances AirBorn’s ability to maintain superior inter-layer registration on rigid-flexible printed circuit boards; a new plasma unit from Nordson MARCH accommodates larger panels during processing and affords advanced etch-back functionality on longer panels; and a custom ENIG (Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold) Line, from Integrated Process System, was tailored specifically to optimize plating for both flexible and rigid-flexible PCBs. These investments offer greater flexibility and expanded capabilities to AirBorn’s customers.