IC Socket Market Systems and Connector Forecast -2020 – 2030

IC sockets have been used for many years for different, evolving reasons. Since sockets add to material costs, no one would use them unless they had a good reason – or are basically following a standard operating procedure that has worked for previous generations.

Over-all, the IC socket market seems relatively healthy, although with generally low single-digit growth rates, and a possible shift in the mix from production to test sockets. And as the semiconductor industry approaches the end on Moore’s Law and seeks out new multichip and 3D chip designs, they will intuitively need more testing.

Then, why, and where is the growth in IC sockets going to occur?

  • Which region is going to see the greatest growth in overall IC sockets? Will this growth be In IC sockets used in server applications, in desktop, or notebook applications?
  • What is the role of Test and Burn-in (T & BI) sockets? Is this role anticipated to grow or decline?
  • Which socket markets are ripe for innovation and why? Will SMT and stacked memory (HMC) technology place pressure on the IC socket market?

Bishop & Associates’ research report, IC Socket Market – Systems and Connector Forecast – 2020 – 2030 examines the IC socket market from both a US dollar standpoint and in units. The report looks at current IC socket applications and examines present and future factors which are anticipated to change the way we develop, market, procure and utilize IC sockets. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to understand the changes this market is anticipated to undergo, order your copy today.