As we emerge from the pandemic, instrumentation companies brace for a surge in test equipment as semiconductor companies require testing of the latest 5G chips and analytical & scientific labs gear up for the vast array of clinical research the pandemic has spurred. This is in addition to the test and measurement instruments that will be required to support other fast-growing industries such as automotive, industrial, and transportation. 

Instrumentation equipment companies are expanding their technical capabilities, products, and software platforms to meet the need for higher speeds and extremely higher frequencies (EHF) to participate in the next decade of significant growth.  This creates opportunity for connector suppliers.

Today, connector companies that are either already in, or are aspiring to enter the instrumentation market, may be contemplating their business strategies, and asking themselves:

  • What is the size and expected growth of the instrumentation equipment market, and its most relevant sub-sectors?
  • What is the size and expected growth of the instrumentation connector market?
  • What are the market and technology factors enabling this growth?
  • Who are the top 15 instrumentation equipment manufacturers and what do they offer?
  • Who are the top 30 instrumentation connector suppliers and what connectors do they offer?

Bishop & Associates, research report, Instrumentation Market for Connectors provides in-depth analysis of the markets, products, and technologies of instrumentation equipment makers and provides examples of connectors used in instrumentation applications by sub-sector. Tables are included detailing total connector sales, instrumentation connector sales by sub-sector, region, and product type, as well as a five-year forecast.

The instrumentation connector market is transforming at higher speeds and bandwidths, which requires strategy and differentiation.  Gain market insights to increase your participation in some of the world’s fastest growing industries, including telecommunications, consumer electronics, automotive, medical and laboratory instruments, aerospace and defense, and other emerging industries.  Get our detailed table of contents and ordering information for Instrumentation Market for Connectors.

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