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In 2020, circular connectors represented $4.3 billion of the $62.7 billion connector market.  What types of circular connectors made up this $4.3 billion?  Will those same types represent the anticipated $5.9 billion in 2026?  How big is the market for cable assemblies using circular connectors?

  • What type of circular connector represents the greatest sales dollars in 2020? What type is anticipated to represent the greatest sales dollars in 2026F?
  • Which region is the largest consumer of circular connectors overall? Of mil-spec or COTS equivalent circular connectors? Of commercial or industrial circular connectors?
  • What properties classify a circular connector as commercial or industrial? What are the potentials for new connectors such as micro-38999 and M8 & M12 for SPIE?
  • What is the difference between a mil-spec connector and a COTS equivalent connector? What Mil-Specs mandate special anti-counterfeit marking?
  • Who are the top circular connector manufacturers?

Providing answers to these questions and many more is Bishop & Associates research report, World Circular Connector Market 2021This report examines by region, by general classification, and by individual circular connector type the circular connector market and provides detailed sales statistics for the years 2019, 2020, 2021F, and 2026F. Know the key suppliers of circular connectors, understand what circular product types are anticipated to show the most growth, and plan on how you can capitalize on this growth, order your copy of the World Circular Connector Market 2021.