PEI-Genesis has acquired Arizona-based FilConn Inc., a manufacturer of precision, high-reliability filter, transient suppression, and custom-configured connectors for the mil/aero, medical, transit, and oil/gas industries. The purchase allows the company to better serve customers’ needs for low-volume, quick-turn, custom connectors. FilConn has the capability to produce precision machined parts rapidly while meeting the highest quality standards, translating time to market into weeks instead of months. PEI-Genesis will operate FilConn as a separate company, continuing to work with FilConn as an authorized supplier partner. FilConn’s president, Mark Pendergrass, and director of sales, Jason Pedruzzi, will continue in their roles at FilConn in addition to becoming part of an enhanced PEI sales team. PEI will continue to support the existing FilConn distributors and rep network.