Samtec announced the acquisition of nMode Solutions of Oro Valley, Ariz. The acquisition of nMode and its subsidiary, Triton Microtechnologies, is a critical next step in Samtec’s technology roadmap. It furthers the company’s silicon-to-silicon strategy of helping designers optimize the high-speed signal path from the bare die to IC package and assembly, PCB, connectors, and cable assemblies. nMode uses its high-frequency design and fabrication expertise to provide advanced 2D, 2.5D, and 3D stacked package solutions, and its “smart” sensor modules, RF filters, and evaluation boards support the high-performance, high-density demands of the IC packaging industry. Triton Microtechnologies’ patented glass-core technology allows nMode designers to utilize the superior performance and material characteristics of glass to achieve significant miniaturization and integration far beyond what is possible with organic materials.