Which Automotive Systems are Going to Drive the Growth in the Automotive Sector? What Impact is the Shift to Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles having on the Automotive Market Today? Five-Years from Now?

  • Will growth of automotive connectors outpace other end-use equipment sectors?
  • Which automotive systems and sub-sectors of the automotive connector market will show the greatest growth over the next five-years?
  • Which regions and vehicle types are accelerating this growth?
  • By automotive system, connector type, and vehicle type, where will the greatest focus lie?

With a market share of over 21%, automotive connectors represent the 2nd largest market sector for connectors. Consistently one of the fastest growing sectors, a result of a worldwide increase in production of both conventional and electric vehicles, the automotive market has recently seen a decline in consumption driven by component shortages. Bishop & Associates newest research report, World Automotive Connector Market, examines this evolving market, providing a quantitative and qualitive analysis by region of the world, automotive segment, application, and connector type. Increase your connector insight into this dynamic market, order your copy of World Automotive Connector Market.